With 3 Cats now up and running in the UK (3 Cats Group Limited) and the Netherlands (3 Cats Group Nederland B.V.), I am now able to serve clients across Europe!

The three legs of 3 Cats are:

  • 3 Cats Media – legal and commercial consultancy for the media and digital industries, supporting disruptive technology and innovation
  • 3 Cats Investment – angel investments, coaching and mentoring for start-ups and scale-ups
  • 3 Cats Yoga – yoga/well-being

Why the name 3 Cats”?

About 6 years ago I started feeding a stray cat in my garden, hoping to keep her nourished enough she would not kill off the young birds leaving the nest in May. I was driven by empathy for the birds then, not the cat. But as entrepreneurs do, I took a leap of faith. KitKat, I named her, and 6 years down the line she is still as wild as a tiger. In the meantime, Fluffy Cat & Ginger Cat joined the team (while I had to let go of Meow Cat & Grumpy Cat — both dearly missed).

These 3 cats are very demanding! 3 times a day, at least, they loudly demand meetings (read: food and attention). Fluffy and Ginger want to be appreciated all the time (Fluffy needs a haircut and a bath, but how do I convince her?). Ginger prefers to sleep in the office overnight now instead of roaming about in the wild. You never know what they really want or are up to.

I have come to love, hate, ignore, manage and negotiate with these 3 cats. Honestly? They manage me! We have found a way of co-existing, however.

Anyway, I am now open for business. Early stage. Website, logo, etc., in progress. I secured my first consultancy clients! Two investments done, more in the pipeline. Passionate about yoga & well-being. And more exciting news to follow soon!